How It Works - Tournament Squares

The Game

Tournament Squares is similar to football squares in that the winner is based on the score of a game corresponding to the numbers of your square. The fun part about tournament squares is that your square is in play for every game of the tournament. That’s right, you have 63 chances to win (give or take depending on settings of your pool).

The Setup

The commissioner will start by selecting basic settings for the pool and then inputting a POINTS TABLE.  Typically the points awarded per win will increase as you get deeper into the tournament. One simple way to develop a points table is to approximately double the points per win for each round, as the number of games played each round decreases by half. Minor adjustments will be made by the commissioner to finalize the points table. (Update: Now available are options to award points for Play-In games and Halftimes of the 3 Final Four games.) 

The grid is labeled Winning Team horizontally and Losing Team vertically.  Players will be invited to start selecting squares within the grid.  When the grid is filled with entries the commissioner will generate numbers for the grid that correspond to each square.

If the final score of a game matches the square you have then you win the points for a game in that round based on the  POINTS TABLE for your pool.  For example, if you have square 8,1 (Winner Score, Loser Score) and the final score of the first game is 68-61 you are a winner.  You will be awarded the points for the 1st Round as set by the commissioner.  This continues for every game the commissioner includes in the pool. 

The points table is available in the POOL RULES.  Game scores and Pool Standings will be listed and updated as results come in.