Squares Pool Instructions

Thank you for choosing PremierSportsPools.com to host your Squares Pool.  If at any time you need further assistance, we can be reached by email @ info@premiersportspools.com and by phone or text @ (513)835-3337.

General Information about Premier Sports Pools:

We are a software service not a gambling site.  In no way do we handle payment for entry fees.  If you choose to collect entry fees for your pool you must find a method to do this outside of our software.  Make sure you follow the laws within your jurisdiction if handling entry fees.  If you are using the software as a fundraiser it is recommended that you have a fundraising license or appropriate non-profit designation; consult your necessary counsel. 

Directions for starting and managing a pool:

1.       Choose your pool settings.  Take advantage of the help text accompanying each selection to learn more about what each selection means.  Be sure to type in further details into the space provided to inform your players where to send entry fees, if applicable, or any other necessary instructions not covered in the settings.

2.       INVITE players to join your pool.   The buttons on this page provide links and credentials to join your pool.  Players must first create an account and log in.  THEN log into the pool.  We only require a verified email address, but you may want to request they add more information (Name, phone) for contacting them.  You can also print out a pool sheet by going to COMMISSIONER MENU->DOWNLOAD PDF.  This sheet will have the pool settings, instructions, and a QR code that users can scan to join the pool.

3.       Players will then MAKE PICKS into the grid.  Multiple names can be used under one account.

4.       Commissioners can monitor the number and name of selections on the POOL ROSTER under the COMMISSIONER MENU.  By clicking the blue number under the Entries column you can view how many picks each user has made and which names they used on the grid.  You can also add notes and color code each user.  You can add additional commissioners on this page, this gives them the ability to EDIT SETTINGS as well as all other commissioner options.

5.       When you have your grid filled it is time to generate numbers.  Before numbers can be generated the PSP.com hosting fee must be paid.  Go to COMMISSIONER MENU->PAY HOSTING FEE and enter your credit card info.

6.       Once payment is accepted go to COMMISSIONER MENU->GENERATE NUMBERS and the system will randomly assign numbers to your grid.  If you would like to manually enter the numbers this can be done but it must be requested for us to activate this option.

7.       When the numbers are generated each user will get an email listing their squares.  Once the selected game starts, navigate to the PREMIER LIVE page; past winners are noted and potential winning squares are highlighted in real-time.

Other Tips:

·         Note amounts when marking people paid.  Example: They pick 2 squares, pay for 2 squares, you simply mark them paid.  Then they pick 2 more squares, these last 2 could get lost.  Use “Paid $XXX”

·         You can run a pool without all squares picked.  There is nothing against having open squares, just make sure you have a plan to rollover any prizes in case of a “blank” win.  Once number are generated the grid is locked for adding picks.

Tips for Fundraisers:

If doing a fundraiser, especially for teams, you may find yourself in a situation where you are adding names to the grid for other people. Users can submit squares using multiple different names under their account. They will be consolidated in the pool roster, making it easier to manage. 

An example would be each team member’s parent picking squares that they sell to other pool players. This parent can simply enter their various names into the grid. The commissioner will see the count each Team member sold in POOL ROSTER. Employ the VIEW ONLY LINK for these pool members who did not create an account.

View Only Link:

Use the VIEW ONLY LINK within the COMMISSIONER MENU to share the squares grid with people who did not sign up and pick their own squares.  The grid and other pool features will be visible to them but they will not be able to make any selections or changes of any type.