Official Golf Rules offers two types of scoring formats for golf pools. Commissioners will choose from one of these 2 ways to determine how standings are calculated: Team Prize Money Won or Combined Team Score.

Commissioners will set the parameters for roster composition within each pool. Golfers can be divided into groups (1-6). An assigned amount of picks to be made from each group is also defined by the commissioner. Players are then tasked with selecting a team to finish higher in the standings than their opponents.

General Rules. (All pools)

Disqualification/Withdrawal/Non Starter will all be handled in the same manner. Golfers who complete a round of play (all 18 holes) will be scored and considered for individual round scoring.  If a player completes round 1 but then withdrawals before the start of round 2 their scoring for round 1 will be included in round 1 scoring but the player will not be considered for overall scoring.  For pool scoring purposes, this player will be considered CUT for the remaining rounds; These players will not be considered for any Total Team Score calculations.  Cut players are not typically not eligible for Prize Money and will receive zero in the standings.  There could be a situation where a player withdrawals after making the 36 hole cut and receives prize money, this will be awarded.

Players withdrawing or being disqualified during a round will not be considered in scoring for that round or subsequent rounds.  Any complete rounds they have finished prior to the round they DNF are still considered in any previous individual round scoring.  At the time of the exit from the tournament that player is no longer considered for overall scoring and is considered CUT for pool scoring. 

Best __ Players Count For Scoring

-Standings Based on Prize Money Won:

Players will receive prize money based on their finishing position.  For most events, the distribution of prize money is set and determined by the Tour.  Tournament Prize Pools will vary for each event.  Team scores will be determined by summing the prize money accumulated by each golfer on a roster UP TO THE AMOUNT OF GOLFERS THAT COUNT FOR SCORE.  It is recommended in Prize Money Scoring formats that commissioners set this number to the same as their total roster spots; in other words, count every player for scoring.  Combine this with the setting to not disqualify rosters for cut players, this will count all golfers’ prize money regardless of player statuses.

Players receive pool prize money equal to actual prize money won in the event.

-Standings Based on Combined Score:

Commissioners have the option to consider any number of players on a roster for pool scoring.  This means that commissioners can set the pool to have 6 man rosters and only count the best 4 from each team.  Or to make it more difficult:  Have 4 roster spots and count all 4.

This also provides the floor of how many players must finish the tournament (all 72 holes) in order to have an active roster.  In this setup a roster that has 3 or more Cut/WD/DQ players will also have a roster that is disqualified from the pool standings.

Sample Scores from these 2 setups:

Total Team Score is the sum of players total scores, it IS NOT the sum of each team’s individual round scores.

Roster Lock

The commissioner will set the time in which no more entries can be submitted.  The make picks page will lock out to any submissions.  At this time the rosters and pool information will be visible to everyone.  Pool data will be shown on the following pages: Standings, Group Data, Roster Exposure.  Visit PREMIER LIVE for real-time scores as play gets underway.